VHS Baseball Summer Development Program!

Hello VHS Baseball Fans –

Next practice sessions on May 18 (Monday) from 4-6PM. Please email mader@jmts.com with any last minute questions because of the weather.

Following this session we will have some scheduling to juggle for games and then we will notify everyone next weekend with schedules and next plans.

Important Dates for VHS Baseball Summer Development Program – May 11/18 – please read on for more information!

This Summer we are going to form baseball teams to represent VHS in regular game play against other area high schools and baseball academies as we’ve done over the past several Summers – this is called the VHS Baseball Summer Development Program. Last Summer we had a pre-freshman (incoming) team as well as a JV team and both teams were able to play multiple games each week against a good number of high school and academy teams and represented VHS baseball very well. This Summer we would like to have the same 2 teams, and possibly a 3rd team, depending on the number of players interested. Anyone that is going to be enrolled at VHS this coming Fall 2015 is eligible to play.

These teams are not (and cannot) be coached by VHS baseball coaches. These teams are coordinated and run by volunteer parents and follow all LISD district guidelines to ensure the teams can utilize the VHS baseball field for practices and games. In addition to the volunteer parents, we intend to utilize Matt Hagen, a professional baseball coach/instructor, to help provide the right focus and structure to ensure that everyone that participates will get as much as possible out of the time spent on the field.

We encourage everyone to sign up and be a part of these teams. Players do not have to be in the current VHS baseball program. At the same time, being a part of these teams has no connection to the 2016 Spring VHS baseball program and it is not a requirement at VHS baseball players participate in this Summer Development Program. The intention is to accommodate anyone that’s interested in representing VHS on the baseball field this Summer. Many players will sign up to play for a select or club team somewhere in the Austin area this Summer. This is perfectly OK and does not mean these players cannot play with the VHS Baseball Summer Development Program at the same time – we will coordinate schedules and make these teams successful as long as coaches/coordinators are made aware of schedule conflicts.

Participation will include playing games on week nights as well as some Saturdays during June, July and early August. Some optional practices will also be scheduled at the VHS baseball field during the week. There should be plenty of games and practices for everyone to jump in, improve their baseball skills and get plenty of playing time – even if only partial participation is an option. Last Summer the JV team was able to play about 30 games and hold about 20 practices.

At this time we are asking for any parents that are interested in helping coach/coordinate one of the teams to contact us AND we are going to have 2 practice sessions on Monday/Wednesday May 11 and 13 from 4-6PM at the VHS field for those that are interested in playing on a team this Summer. If you cannot make one of those days but are still interested, please contact us as well and we’ll make sure you have the necessary details and we’ll do everything we can to make things work.

There will be some cost for umpires, baseballs, team insurance, Matt Hagen’s hourly coaching fees, etc. Costs will be kept at a minimum and will be divided between the players on the team. Last Summer each player paid approximately $250 for the entire Summer session.

Please pass this email on to anyone that is an incoming freshman or current VHS student that may be interested in joining us.
Any questions or if you have interest in helping to coach/coordinate one of the teams, please email Matt Mader at mader@jmts.com as he is the VHS Baseball Summer Development Program coordinator this Summer.

Thank you!
Matt Mader
VHS Baseball Development Program Coordinator

Spring/Summer Baseball in Full Swing!

Tryouts have been held this Spring and we have 3 teams playing Spring/Summer baseball in the 11U, 13U and 14U age groups – all of these teams are part of the VHS Vipers Development Program. If you are interested in being a part of any one of these teams, please contact us and we will be happy to provide more information about the teams and if there are available open roster positions.

As we get closer to April we will begin to put Summer baseball teams together for the high school ages (Freshman, JV and Varsity). Again, anyone is welcome to be a part of these teams over the Summer. There will be some fees/costs and there may be a limited number of roster spots available, but everyone is welcome and we will be making a strong effort to make sure everyone that wants to play is able to.